Nethserver 8 Testing and Learnings

HAppy new year everybody

So, i decided to start the new year with playing around with NS8.
From the Trello Boards, i see alot of things are moving

JUst Deployed my first instance on Debian 11. so far so well.
I am curious, Does the platform have support for creating and deploying more than one Domains, say i can have 2 separate instances of AD and Ldap on the same server. this is cool and Nifty…

there was mention that NS8 was being used internally by Nethesis on Prod, i presume for Mattermost, i am not really sure of the status of Nextcloud as well as MAil, though i see the mail module is present and webtop module is also present.


Yes, multiple domains of users can be instantiated in a NS8 cluster. Only one AD domain controller can run in a node, though. No such limit for OpenLDAP.

Confirmed. Both Mattermost and Nextcloud are working in a NS8 installation for our office.

Mail and Webtop are still under development to support the migration from NS7. This is taking much more time than expected.

In any case, NS8 and its modules are still in alpha stage: do not run it on production!


hahaha, atleast you can fix it, if it breaks in production.

Trust you me, i give so mcuh respect to any deve team that has had to implement a software migration. we once took 3 months building a migrations script for a new version of an older software, when the new software we had taken 2 months to do a re-write and rebuild.

it was so frustrating, we almost did not write a migration script, but we did not have an option, financial records were on the line.

the software itslef was not small, the older version codebase had over 700,000 lines of code(bad practise) the new version re-written had over 200,000, much lower, but effective and robust, with newer. features as well

the migration script was about 7000 lines of code, but Painful to test, and fix errors arising.

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I noticed some weired things with Minio and could not get it work completely on the single server instacne i had,

i will try a nw installation, to see if the issue persists, (is the public beta ready for install?)