NethServer 8 container wishlist

Why not jellyfin instead of plex.


I’d not heard of this until you mentioned it.

fantastic, because its more lighter and way more opensource.

Don’t forget WordPress.

Important is, that each CMS run under multi domain environments.

This also includes full support of multi-domain installations within separate namespaces, which is necessary for NS 8, also for user management.

I know that is a big word calmly spoken. But the current vhost implementation is quite limited.

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A little off the subject of this topic, but I agree this would be valuable.

I don’t think there’s really an issue with the virtual host implementation, but it would require a manual installation of (whichever CMS or other web app) for the second/third/fourth instance.

I’m also a Jellyfin user, it’s great!

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Hi @capote,

Joomla vs Drupal vs WordPress as of november 2020:


Ref: Joomla vs WordPress - Quel est meilleur le meilleur CMS ? (Les pour et les contre).

The main point is the upgrade process: WordPress is the easiest.


I have done it many times. And I have not expressed that these installations are a problem if you know how to do it.
But they are anything but elegant and easy to handle and manage.

And I really hope that the modernization of nethsver will be accompanied by a more modern administration. Plesk has long proven that it can be done.
I would be anything but happy if we only found the old tools on a new (more complex) platform.

Agreed. Since NS8 lets you install multiple instances of an app, I’d expect this to work more smoothly there.


Maybe captive portal, proxy, glpi and some form of mdm

For a Document Management system, a few options that run under Docker:

I don’t have any personal experience with any of them and can’t really compare them, but all have official Docker images and docs available.


What: Nginx whit Letsencrypt

Why: So that I can distribute different domains and / or subdomains to the different services, please directly a version that has letsencrypt integrated, so you can also secure not ssl/tls capable applications with encryption.

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Why nginx?

What you request is already possible, using apache…
Reverse Proxy provides the option to let the Reverse Proxy do all the SSL termination, including LE certs… :slight_smile:

I use this eg for my clients, to access the PI-Hole, running as a LXC Container in Proxmox. The PI-Hole has no https configured, only http. The NethServer Reverse-Proxy handles all the SSL stuff with a correct SSL cert (pi-hole.domain.tld). The SSL cert has the correct SSL-Alias configured.

I have this running also at home.


I have NO objections to nginx, I just want to say that this is easily possible, even now, even using Apache…

My 2 cents

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I am working on a webserver with nginx, traefik will handle the certificate LE or self signed


AFAIR (read, didn’t use any of them currently) nginx is a far better reverse proxy than Apache, specially when scaling the number of connections. But that’s not the topic :wink:

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As far as I see it, no one will notice if using nginx or apache as reverse proxy, especially if in a Home Server environment or a SME (Small medium Enterprise) environment.

A high performance server is something different…
And if you really need high performance, a dedicated high-powered server, with appropriate connectivity is needed…

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Since Traefik is going to be an integral part of NS8, and it’s already quite a capable reverse proxy, it doesn’t seem that there’d be much reason to use Nginx or Apache for that purpose. What we would want, though, is a well-featured GUI to control Traefik for other reverse proxy scenarios (i.e., other than for an installed container).


Seems NS8 will be getting all these cool and nice fancy features, that being the case, we could have intergated Nextcloud High performance Backedn for Files and calls.

it would be fantastic to have them, as there would not be similar restrictions as implementing in current distro

I would love to see something like TacticalRMM


Similar like this: Proxmox Helper Scripts ?