NethServer 7 rc1 ISO is coming up

I’m preparing our YUM repositories for the rc1 release. This is my checklist:

  1. Merge RPMs from nethserver-updates repo into nethserver-base.
  2. Clean up nethserver-testing repositories
  3. Build the rc1 ISO
  4. Publish the ISO preview on torrent
  5. Announce ISO and torrent checksums here
  6. Gather feedback from @quality_team

If everything is ok, @giacomo uploads the ISO to SourceForge and @alefattorini announces the release publicly.

Existing beta2 installation receive RPM updates immediately after step 1, and are upgraded to rc1.


Can’t do it: there are many packages from Asterisk and FreePBX related issues that are still in progress!

It is possible to go forward, for now, without Asterisk and FreePBX?
I think there are many other important functions on NS 7 for which cannot wait.


Of course, testing repositories are disabled by default!

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Thank you!
I look forward for the Announcement!

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great! do you have any advice for the quality team on which areas we should concentrate the greatest efforts? you know… so we can make a plan :grin:


I think the plan is: Test everything! :sob::sweat:

Luckily it’s not necessary! The only difference should be the release name “beta2” -> “rc1” :wink:

  • syslinux and the server-manager must display the release name correctly
  • check the Software Center installs modules correctly
  • test both interactive and unattended installation methods

Before starting wait for the mirrors to be synchronized with

Usually that happens about 12 hours after the last update.


Hi guys!

I have installed NS7b2 from ISO to play with “partitioning”, waiting for NS RC1 ISO.

I have updated the installation and look at this! NS 7.2.1511 rc1!

But where is Kernel release: 4.4.22-1.el7.elrepo.x86_64? Not in RC1?

As said above the upgrade from beta2 is straight!

The default kernel will always be the one from upstream!

We’ll update the comps file soon to see the elrepo kernel among other modules in Software Center.

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Thank you for your answer!

I’m stuck at this point. It seems we have another bug to fix before we can release the rc1 :wink:


Thanks to the prompt response from @giacomo the bug has been fixed immediately! :tada:


& @giacomo
:clap: :clap: :clap:


The ISO (747MB) is now ready to be downloaded by torrent clients:

torrent hash B33A5D3254214D083E4EE1FCDDCCCCBFAABFF0A0
sha1 3a099bcaabe224fa47457e7a1eed6e7dc0bfe1cc
md5 0f13745a139d398f3c392bd332db720f

New v7rc branch for administrator’s manual /cc @docs_team :


This was so smooth, that I didn’t recognize it!

I’m up to date, yeah. :wink:


I read many times “smooth” in this thread!

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So pretty.

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This is new.

Oct 18 10:48:19 server7c systemd: Started Stop Read-Ahead Data Collection 10s After Completed Startup. Oct 18 10:48:19 server7c systemd: Started Update UTMP about System Runlevel Changes. Oct 18 10:48:20 server7c nmbd[1162]: [2016/10/18 10:48:20.202256, 0] ../source3/nmbd/nmbd_become_lmb.c:397(become_local_master_stage2) Oct 18 10:48:20 server7c nmbd[1162]: ***** Oct 18 10:48:20 server7c nmbd[1162]: Oct 18 10:48:20 server7c nmbd[1162]: Samba name server SERVER7C is now a local master browser for workgroup NETH on subnet Oct 18 10:48:20 server7c nmbd[1162]: Oct 18 10:48:20 server7c nmbd[1162]: ***** Oct 18 10:48:21 server7c kernel: ip_set: protocol 6 Oct 18 10:48:23 server7c kernel: xt_time: kernel timezone is -0000 -----> Oct 18 10:48:24 server7c kernel: log: failed to register logger Oct 18 10:48:24 server7c kernel: xt_NFLOG: Unknown symbol nfulnl_log_packet (err 0) Oct 18 10:48:30 server7c shorewall: Compiling /etc/shorewall/zones... Oct 18 10:48:30 server7c shorewall: Compiling /etc/shorewall/interfaces...

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I just noticed @giacomo uploaded rc1 to SourceForge.

Now it’s @alefattorini 's turn! :baseball:

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