Nethserver 7 alpha3 webserver

Yesterday i install nethserver 7alpha3 on centos on my vps. I setup mailserver and sogo. It work. I am very glad. Thank you. It is very easy and work.
I have question about webserver. I have not in my web interface “share folders”. How can i install it? Or it will be soon?
May be in neth7 i need use another method for setup webserver? Where can i find it?

Shared folders have been separated from virtual hosts.
In NS 7 you will have:

  • Shared folders: access only with Samba (you can already find an rpm in testing, but we will release the complete version later today)
  • Virtual hosts: public HTTP directories accessible only via FTP (we are working on it right now, I hope to have a running prototype for tomorrow)

thank you
i`ll be waiting update