NethServer 7.9 Released (Roasted Chestnut Edition)

Congrats on the new release and thank you for your continued advancement and focus on bringing us up to date products with a focus on security.

I am still hoping Nethserver adds 2fa to


Did anyone updated a Zabbix-containing installation?

Well… now I did. Seems running.

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Is it possible to downgrade this Release back to 7.8 with yum history rollback?
I’ve got this problem with Nextcloud , downgrading (and starting a new Try) could be the easiest Solution

I had an automatic update for my subscription server last night and all went smooth. NC Hub is updated from 19.x to 20.0.2.
SOGo is still on 4.0.8 Maybe I should update that one manually? @stephdl
Backup going strong, so little complaints from my part with this update.


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This version is the best.


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Updatet today a subscription server without issue. After that I updatet SOGo to vers 5 also without problems.

Thank you all for this great and stable software!!

Hopefully you will find a good solution for this mess about RHEL and CentOs!

Stay healthy!


Congratulation to the NS Team for the new 7.9 version :bangbang:

I wanted to upgrade today from 7.8.2003 using Cockpit and got an error during software-repos-upgrade event. So I tried using the “old” Nethgui to upgrade and everything went perfect.

I’ll add some comments/hints about Cockpit here, even if it is probably the wrong place to post it:

  1. Terminal does not work. Only white screen with Terminal in upper left corner whereas it is working using Nethgui. That doesn’t care me since I’m working with Eclipse using the Remote System Explorer :slight_smile:

  2. Applications -> Nextcloud Version 1.6.1 is shown in the list. Using the Settings Button Version is shown.

  3. When I want to create a new Virtual Host in Applications -> Web server, cockpit generates a random name for it whereas Nethgui allows me to define the name I like e.g. products that is then created in /var/lib/nethserver/vhost/products. Any reasons why Cockpit uses random names.

So for me is Nethgui still better in some places, obviously not the GUI compared to Cockpit

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Thanks for your feedback!

Would you please share the error message in a new thread?

The modules NethServer provides have a different versioning than the software they provide. When something is fixed for the Neth module the version is raised so it’s not possible to have the same version as the software.

For security reasons. A random name is harder to guess.

I think it’s because we are used to it.
I recommend to get used to cockpit and use the old UI as fallback.
New features will be implemented in Cockpit.

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  • Where is the right place for such error messages?

  • Understood, NethServer module version isn’t equal product version e.g. Nextcloud

  • OK, I assumed that random names are for security reasons. BUT, couldn’t there be an option in Cockpit to have readable names for virtual host as a fall back solution so to say. I’m working at the moment only with virtuall hosts that are WordPress sites (private and globally accessible) on my local network using Eclipse as already mentioned or SFTP. And readable names makes life definitely much easier :slightly_smiling_face:

  • Yes, I’m using already Cockpit as my default front end AND I like it :smiley: and Nethgui as fallback solution.

Just open a new support topic.

I think this is a #feature request, let’s ask @stephdl if it’s possible and makes sense.

You’re not alone:

Honestly I decided to make the first dns name as the key of the vhost esmith database, but during the development phase we made a random ID and this ID is used to make the folder path.

To try to fix this we made a widget in the vhost list to find the web root folder

cc @devteam


How big is the update? I only have about 30gb left on my root partition.



Depends on what modules you have installed, but I think 30 GB should be enough for an update…
Be sure to make a backup!

Good Luck!

My 2 cents

I hope so. The backup says it completes successfully every day.


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Good Upgrade!

If using Nextcloud, be aware that NC takes time, to update Apps, often a manual “nudge” is needed.
App Themes is deactivated, but can be activated without probs!

My 2 cents

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Oops, I just did a last check and it’s only 18gb on the root. I’m using the server for web, mail and firewall. Do you think I’ll still be OK to do the upgrade?

Once I figure out where it all lives, I probably do symlink of the mail repository to the home partition like i did with the web server content and that will probably free up a bunch of space.


See /var/lib/nethserver/mail

18 GB is a bit close, I think…

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