NethServer 7.2 RC Some Questions


Currently I am reviewing NethServer 7.2 RC.
1- How can we create local users? Users and groups tab does not allow to create local users. I was able to do that with NethServer 6.8
2- When I create shared folder it does not allow to modify its permissions and settings and by default everybody has access and write permission to the shared folder. With NethServer 6.8 I was able to set shared folder permissions.
3- (Kindly Suggestion) It would be nice if user gets additional prompt when Reboot or Shutdown is clicked. I accidentally powered of the server :slight_smile:

Am I miss smt?

  1. you have to install an account provider first (see Nethserver v7 User and Groups)
  2. I think it can be the same issue as 1.
  3. this is for the devs :slight_smile:

Hi @Jay_Redstone ,
as suggested by @Hunv ,you have to go to Software Center and install an authentication service.
You can choose from Openldap (easier) or SambaAD.
In your case, to share folders and assign rights to users, you must use SambaAD.
After you can create users and groups and finally shared folders.

Good luck :wink:

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With openldap you can not give rights to folders (all have the same rights).
If you want to use Samba AD and you have problems, we’re here to help :grinning:

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If you want to install OpenLDAP after you have tried to install Samba AD, even if the Samba AD installation was failed, I suggest you to make “factory reset” first (if you haven’t made a new installation of the NS) :

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As we told into a few discussions here, you need AD configuration to obtain more choices

BTW Ehi Jay happy to see you here and thanks for your video tutorial :slight_smile:

Normaly I use openldap if I configure a mail server. I prefer this solution even in the presence of a windows server with AD. I prefer that the servers are independent. I manage small networks (10-20 users) and this configuration does not cause me more work (and saves me a lot of problems :grin:).
In case of use as a file server, I use Samba on Nethserver or access to microsoft domain if present

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