Nethserver 6.8 issue with Windows systems

NethServer Version: NethServer 6.8
Module: -

Hello all, I am using Nethserver 6.8. Its Working fine in Ubuntu OS & Mobile Handsets. But, It is having issue with Windows Platform systems.

@chandrao, could you explain which issues you’re having?

windows systems are not able connect internet !!! through NS 6.8.

Windows systems will get DHCP IP from NS6.8 but in the network icon will get yellow mark. After Pining from win client to GateWay and DNS of ISP some times internet will through from WIN client. But again after some time NW icon will get yellow mark.

Hi @chandrao, do you have 2 NICs? 1x green and 1x red, with proxy-feature installed?

Yes! Green with Local IP 172.16.8.xx and REd with Public IP (122.XX.XX.XX of Local ISP) Proxy features also enabled. It is working with Ubuntu OS and Mobile Hansets. Only Problem with Windows clients

Green and red on same switch?

Regret in delay…

Yes, both are in same switch

No problem. :slight_smile:
I think you did the same as I, some time ago as I started with nethserver. I had exectly the same issue. Sometimes the clients had internetaccess, sometimes not.
You have to use two seperated switches or a managed switch with vlan. Otherwise you build a ARP-roulette.

Please look at this:


Thank you, The Problem is been resolved with VLAN.

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