NethServer 6.6 Release Party Hangout

On Friday, March 27th at 17.30 UTC we have planned a Hangout for celebrate the NethServer 6.6 Release

These participants will speak:

Reply below for questions, comments or just to say “Hi” to our speakers!


I’ll participate sure …I’ m so excited about this party with the community members. @alefattorini do I have to register my presence too ?
THX guys

@alefattorini, @Stll0
The link to this thread on is broken

Just fixed, thanks :smiley:

Sorry people we had problem with “on air” button! ;-( I’m so sad…please let us to re-scedule the hangout!
Believe in me… Next hangout will be AMAZING


Never change a production system! :blush:
Usually one must not push the button, today it was the button that had not been pushed!

…there was no button at all! :smile:

Ah, I couldn’t participate yesterday (holidays with family), but next time I hope to be there!

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