Nethsecurity as a NS8 module?

I don’t use samba but LDAP, and I need a LAN side on my VPS with only 1 ethernet.

@stephdl is not Nethesis ( :wink: ), and I was aiming for core functionality, not a community module.

Anyway, today firewall capabilities (big or small) on NS8 is not present seriously lacks firewall capabilities as it was on NS7.

Every suggestion up to now has been ‘work your way around it with patchwork’. NS8 can not stand by itself, it needs help from additional boxes and much more to achieve the same functionality and ‘trust’ as NS7 has.

Please stop to name on this topic. I have no much interest to follow it

See you elsewhere

You’re joking?


Did you prefer handling 4 versions of PHP, 5 versions of MariaDB and no working version of PHPMyAdmin covering all versions?


NS7 had - through its LTS and age a LOT of issues!

Butr one can still think “in. the past things were better!”

Let’s be honest, NS7 had BIG issues to the end, just because of old versions still running, and newer versions were not able to run properly anymore…

My 2 cents

Sorry my fault, I made a mistake in writing.
I meant NethSecurity 8

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