NethSecurity 8 final is ready 🛡

Seems like wireguard isn’t in version 8 yet either? As it says on the website wireguard is avaiable next to ipsec and openvpn but when checking I can only see openvpn and ipsec.

Which is a bummer since in my current firewall solution wireguard is used pretty heavy.

Welcome Jimmy, thanks for taking time to join us!

Wireguard feature is already built inside the image, but we do not have an official user interface to configure.

You can still use the legacy Luci UI: Remote access — NethSecurity documentation

Take a look to the upstream doc on how to setup Wireguard:

And do not forget to report back! :wink:


The feature has been released, you should be able to access the new DPI signatures since next Tuesday. /cc @uzbeak

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How can i check if it has been updated?
I see nowhere a version number or that a packages has been updated ?
I love to see some version numbers of the app are log in the UI that some packages has been updated.

Now i have no clue whether i’m when there has been an update or the packaga has the latest release


If you did from the UI, you can search for this inside /var/log/messages:

Jul  8 06:30:23 NethSec nethsecurity-api[5171]: nethsecurity_api 2024/07/08 06:30:23 middleware.go:170: [INFO][AUTH] authorization success for user root. POST /api/ubus/call {"path":"ns.update","method":"install-package-updates","payload":{}}

From the UI, this the dialog that appears when you update:

Click “Check for fixes”, if it show no packages, you’re up to date.

Sadly, OpenWrt does not implement it. Also the package system is very lean but very limited: packages do no have a changelog.
If you need a changelog, you must search for inside the git repository :frowning:

In your case, you are waiting for version 0.0.11 which will be available to subscription from tomorrow.

I’'m checking every few day and press the “Check for fixes” button. :wink:
Today indeed i’m having an update


Shouldn’t this go automatically when have the switch “Automatic Updated” set to On?
And if so how do you know there has been an update?

You see that i’m updating for example ns-api form 0.0.76-1 to 0.0.77-1 and not 0.0.79-1 as your screenshot.
Or is this because i’m having a subscription and on stable releases ?