Nethgui: Application link must be here only if app (or webadmin) is enabled

I found a little bug in nethgui: If an application is not enabled (or the webadmin is not enabled), the link is here.

It is possible to add an option in the code for show application link only if the application (or the webadmin) is enabled?

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  • Mattermost
  • SOGo Groupware

Better would be to remove the ability to disable an installed web application. Don’t want it any more? Remove it.

nethgui is in in maintenance mode, I would prefer to set priority on other tasks

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I think that it is not hard to add an option to show webadmin app link in Applications part only if the module (or webadmin) is enabled.

Add of course, we must have the choice to enable or disable apps.
Remove an app is not a solution.

This must be done at the level of each application, all apps doesn’t get a status property, some come from community development (like my repository) others come from the official repository. This won’t happen right now