NethForge, Nethgui and

Speaking in Redmine terms, today has three projects:

  • NethServer
  • NethForge
  • Nethgui

The projects are separate for historical reasons, I think it’s time to merge the three projects into one. I think it would ease searching for a bug, and following the development process as a whole.

What do you think?

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What about merging everything on github? :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

I was asking for it some weeks ago! Do you remember?

I don’t want to divert the discussion on GitHub, even if what I’m proposing here could ease the migration to GitHub.

IMHO, you should have two channels, core & module

Indeed, I was OT :smile:

Hi @stephdl,

:confused: I’m a bit confused, in the past you said

You were right, and I think having one issue tracker goes to that direction.

My favourite view of the project is current status, which does not show what happens on NethForge and Nethgui. Maybe what I need is only a Redmine query that shows all the projects together, that can be easily accomplished by moving NethForge and Nethgui as subprojects of NethServer.

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Just did a test drive! It doesn’t change too much :wink:

Please let me know your impressions!