Neth RAID inside a VM

I want to install a Nethserver as a VM inside Xen Server. Is there any point in setting up two virtual drives for RAID when in fact it will all be on the collective storage space managed by Xen Server anyway

well, i could if you put your machine virtual drives in separate disks on
the real machine.

On esxi it is not recommanded to do this, but i cannot talk for Xen.
I don’t remember why exactly it was not recomanded. I guess because the config files are then only stored in one datastore and recovering the VM in case of failure is not easy.
However it would be better to have the RAID on hypervisor level. It makes managment much more easier, because you set it up once and you have RAID for all VMs.

Thanks for the replies, I think from what I have read it’s a no. Xen does not support software RAID and I do not have a hardware RAID card for my HP MicroServer where the XenServer is running, but they are available.

There are some options to run RAID 0 or 1 on the HP box at bios level, but currently I do not have it activated and it would require a rebuild to turn RAID on.

As I am just experimenting currently I think I will leave it all off and do without. I only have 4 x 1TB drives installed, I intend to replace at least two of the for bigger drives so at that point will configure a RAID and rebuild.

Thanks for the input

A raid in a VM makes no sense

LVM snapshot or LVM mirror,strip . It is like raid in VM :slight_smile: