Need to resize my lv_root, any tips?

Do you mean the partition the LVM volumes live on?

That is correct. Under SDA I have SDA1 which is where all the grub stuff resides and SDA2 where I have the lv_root and lv_swap volumes. That SDA2 partition is 99G.

@tessierp: DANGER ZONE

Normally I would make sure I know the start and end sector of the partition fdisk -l /dev/sda and write those numbers to a file fdisk -l /dev/sda > partitions or even make a backup of the hole MBR booted from a recovery USB dd if=/dev/sdX of=backup-sdX.mbr bs=512 count=1

Then delete with the partition in fdisk and recreate it with the exact same type, start sector and the minimal size plus headroom to be save (ie total +42G in your case)

Do not know if a Linux LVM partition survives this…

(Hence with all the benefits XFS may have, I hate it)

I would say it probably doesn’t survive since it needs to be attached to a drive…

I totally agree there, I never had so much trouble before with a filesystem. I really do not like XFS and I hope the next version of Nethserver gives us an option to install another FS. Or is it possible and I just didn’t pay attention? :thinking:

It is CentOS, so Nethsever, default. For nethsever-installs I keep the default.

If I install a CentOS VM for development (which are throw-away VM’s) tend to partition manually with good old ext4; simply because resizing is easy. :astonished: