Need help with setting up Voicemail in FreePBX

I was able to get my message back only once. After then I always ending up in voicemail setup. (I left message from the same phone, from soft phone several times). No luck.

Installed fresh Nethserver 7.4, updated, installed samba DC and voip pbx from Software Center. Created AD user markus.

My nethserver-freepbx is version 14.0.2-1.ns7

Enter admin name, password and mail:

Just submit:

Then I do “Apply Config” on top right corner.

Then I go to Applications/Extensions and do “Quick create extension”

Enter display name, extension number and mail:

Map the user and set voicemail PIN(this is the voicemail password):

Edit the extension again and set a secret:

Then again do “Apply Config”.

Now I connect my microsip softphone with following settings:

When I call myself or *4000 I can leave a message. When I call *97 I can listen to extensions messages. Same when I call *98 and enter 4000 and my PIN.
Created a second extension 4001 and connected my android phone. Extensions can reach each other plus voicemessages working.


The only difference I see is: I haven’t install any samba part. I haven’t touched it at all. And I install it on a real Dell Poweredge R710 server with two interfaces active. One for my internal network ( and another for accessing directly to the internet. Also on addition Php-SCL and PhpMyAdmin has been installed. I don’t think it may interfere with PBX
I will try to reproduce exactly your steps

Ok, I made minimum install as you described to exclude any other interference. I’m testing only on soft phone this time. I can leave a message and I can listen it. The only problem I should go through mail set up every time I want to listen recorded message. For some reason voicemail setup starts every time I call *97 or *98.
How can I make system remember my voicemail set up?

Do you use the extension number as secret?

Found this:

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I should be less dumb then I am. Changing password helped.
Thank you to everyone helped me with all that staff, especially to mrmarkuz. I wasn’t sure where I misconfigured it on a first place. (may be I haven’t done it with AD). But now it works. At least I can make calls between extensions and voicemail works as designed. Let’s see where I’ll break it next time.:wink:

You’re welcome. Thank you for providing such a case. It helps us to find these really difficult to find errors and to put the solution to a documentation/howto so in future this won’t happen again to other users.
We all know, one shouldn’t have same passwords as extension or names because it’s very bad for security but for testing purposes I do it as well just to remember my testuser/testpasswords easier, so it has nothing to do with being dumb, it’s a kind of human weakness to like it comfortable. As we usually don’t post passwords in the forum, I am happy in the end that it was possible to find this error.
I remember a weakpassword module in freepbx, maybe we can use it so users may be warned in future.

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