Need explaination for DNS

NethServer Version: nethserver-7.9.2009-x86_64
Module: DNS questions

I’m a little confused with the two options? of configuring a DNS.

In cockpit under the point hostname there are two DNS servers to be configured. I put two IP’s in there [ ,].

In the slider menu between network and DHCP is another DNS setting. Could someone please explain?

The NS is acting as an AD - in the manual I read:

config setprop dnsmasq DomainRedirection,
signal-event nethserver-dnsmasq-save

to get the AD proper working. Would that mean the first IP would be the server IP and the second IP the one of the Active Directory?

These are the (public) dns servers for resolving external (website) requests

Here you can set dns records for local serveries / websites which do not have a dns record in the (external) public dns servers.

For proper operation of a local installed nethserver AD it is highly recommended (almost mandatory) this server is the DNS/DHCP server for the local-network too.

Yes, After you set an fixed IP for the green interface you plan to be the local DNS/DHCP server, you need to provide a (second) fixed IP address for the AD in the same network-range during the installation of the AD.
The installation process creates a bridge, assigns the IP addresses and takes care of the local DNS settings. Note: it’s possible to change host-name of the server and domain-name after provisioning of the AD, choose them wisely.

Above being said I usually (virtual) disconnect the NIC planed to provide the (new) local DHCP/DNS server from the existing local network. This way you can start the DHCP/DNS before installing the AD without messing up the local-network. This is not mandatory, just seem to have the most smooth installation this way…

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Thank you for answering.

It’s still not clear to me. Sould I define the static IP from the AD for local requests? Would this cover the config setprop dnsmasq DomainRedirection? If so, why set a config setprop from the cli?

Or do I need for AD always the redirection from the cli?

edit: in case of the redirection would the command be:
FQHN:IP of NS, FQHN:IP of AD Container ?

Sorry if I was not clear :frowning_face:

You do not need to do a thing on the command line :grinning:

  1. Set a fixed IP for the NIC which will be the future local DHCP/DNS
  2. optional if possible configure and start the DHCP/DNS server on this NIC < NOTE you do not want two DHCP servers in your local network hence it’s better to (virtually) disconnect this NIC
  3. go to System > Users and install local AD, when asked for an IP it must be in the same range as the IP of the above mentioned NIC
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No, no - it’s not you… I’m the newbie here.

The steps you told me are already done. So I’m finished with this. Thank you for staying with me.

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