MYOB Accounting Right

(Federico Ballarini) #21

(Dion Mapukava) #22

thanks alot ill do and will advise

(Dion Mapukava) #23

hi Federico please when I checked the Enable Suricata IPS and apply as on the screen, users cannot access MYOB again. appreciate your support to allow MYOB to be accessible.


(Federico Ballarini) #24

It means that one rule is blocking MYOB. You can try disabling one by one and find what is the blocking rule.
Elsewhere you can decide to not use IPS.

If you wan you can post logs of IPS Suricata and we can check what is blocking MYOB.

(Dion Mapukava) #25

noted, i’ll try to troubleshoot one by one, please can you let me know what does IPS main function.

(Federico Ballarini) #26

You can referer here
I suggest you also to check Evebox application that can help you to find blocking category.