MYOB Accounting Right

(Dion Mapukava) #1

I have MYOB Accounting Right running under a NethServer firewall, users cannot access MYOB wondering if there’s any port that needs to be allowed. They can access everything but not MYOB

NethServer Version: 7
Module: your_module

(Federico Ballarini) #2

You can read here and try to configure your firewall.

(Dion Mapukava) #3

thanks Federico, please can you show how to allow these ports

(Federico Ballarini) #4

But it’s an external service or you have a server with this application that has to be reached from external?

(Dion Mapukava) #5

its an external service that we need to reach from our end

(Federico Ballarini) #6

I think you have to set a Rule in “Firewall Rules” and allow ports 6962 and 6963 from Green to Red.

(Michael Kicks) #7

Maybe i am wrong… But there are no restrictions into default setup for content filtering/internet access.

(Federico Ballarini) #8

@pike Probably you’re right.
@DMapukava check if there are some particular rules on Firewall or you’ve enable IPS / Content filter that can block access to this service.

(Dion Mapukava) #9

Enable Suricata IPS is checked, and theres is nothing on the content filter.

(Michael Kicks) #10

Check suricata log. Maybe you’ll have to disable a rule.

(Federico Ballarini) #11

But rules are configured? Try disable it.

(Dion Mapukava) #12

uncheck the Enable Suricata IPS, please confirm?

(Federico Ballarini) #13

Yes and save.

(Dion Mapukava) #14

will be there any harm once I uncheck this?

(Federico Ballarini) #15

It’s only for test, then we can debug the problem. Try to uncheck and save and then connect to service.

(Dion Mapukava) #16

thanks ill do and advise

(Dion Mapukava) #17

I’ve unchecked as guided and MYOB works fine. is my system vulnerable for an attack while the option is unchecked?

(Federico Ballarini) #18

You have to block only these categories:
BotCC Portgrouped, BotCC, CIArmy, Compromised, Drop, Dshield, ActiveX, Attack Response, Exploit, Malware, Mobile Malware, Netbios, P2P, TOR.

All other categories put it on “Alarm”.
Obviusly check also “Enable IPS”

It should works.
Wait for feedback.


(Dion Mapukava) #19

you mean to Check Enable Suricata IPS again?

(Federico Ballarini) #20

@DMapukava yes, and apply this rules.