Multiuser access to nextcloud (offline)

i have a very specific scenario and im looking to see if it can be acomplished without a huge amount of disk. I have a windows laptop that needs to be operated in areas without any network connection so needs to hold a large amount of data (say 1TB) but it also needs to be used by different people (say 5). Is there a way that this can be configured without having to have each user having their own 1TB of data - i.e. 5TB of heavily duplicated data on the laptop? i.e having a single copy of the data accessible to any user with appropriate permisions.

This use case my fall outside cloud storage architecture but i thought id ask in case its achievable?



Create a specific Laptop-User, with the said Nextcloud contents.
No User profiles for the 5 human users.
They only use Web to access personal stuff.
So no personal stuff stored on the laptop - or bare minimum.

My 2 cents

Hi Andy only issue with that approach is i want to restrict the visibility of the data dependent on the user logging in - i.e some users will see all the data, some none and some a subset

i may be over reaching here!

i was looking to see if the file access permissions for the data on the server can be inherited by the client copy in such away that user access to the local copy is controlled

Not sure, but I dont think it’s possible AFAIK…

larger disk, and 5 users traditionally…

Just an idea a bit out of the box:

Run nethserver with nextcloud in a (hyperv) VM on the laptop, this can be available off line.

thank you Mark - i like your thinking but i suspect Andy’s big disk and a little bit of management is the way to go to avoid a world of misery!

Yes, just an idea that popped up in my head…

A big disk is most likely the way to go :grinning:
As an closing suggestion (just an other pop) from my side; ntfs has permission management and (IIRC) some sort of “hard linking” capacity.

thank you Mark - i just invoked the power of my credit card and grabbed some 5TB disks! ntfs shinanigans can wait for another day!