Multiple email domains


Am I the only one, who cannot set up two or more email domain on NS7?
I can’t figure out how it works.
When I add new user just appear the first domain.

Hi @Zoltan_Polyak ,

Unfortunately, this cannot be possible with NS v7.
Generally, NS is not designed to do this.
The only way is to create alias domains but I don’t think this is what you want.

There are many topics in this Forum regarding this approach of NS. There are some guys who want this, including me.

However, I did this on NS 6.8 as workaround (E-mails got send from wrong maildomain)

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Could you explain the steps you took? Which page/options did you use?

What is your goal? Can you make an example?

Could you describe your DNS and hostname settings?

If I remember correctly, Webtop5 will come with a multi tenant option. @gabriele_bulfon, correct?

Hi @robb ,

I don’t think so:
WebTop (local) as Authentication (directory) for a new domain?

(WebTop (local) as Authentication (directory) for a new domain?)

I’ll explain it again: Webtop IS a multitenant solution since version 4, and still is version 5.

To work as a multitenant solution, you need a multitenant ldap backend, a multitenant imap server and a multitenant smtp server.
If you can manage to manually configure NS7 as a multidomain ldap, multidomain imap, multidomain smtp, then you can create webtop domains on these domains.
Any other trick will be a pain to manage.

Sorry Gabriele,

I think you’ve misunderstood me or I was not very clear.
I understood very well that WebTop 5 (and 4) is a multi tenant solution but not in combination with NethServer (at least till in this moment).
But here, we are talking exactly about this situation, NethServer with WebTop 5 (or 4) as groupware. I referred exactly to this situation.

Consistent with what I said above, I made reference to

WebTop (local) as Authentication (directory) for a new domain?

where you explained very clearly the two situations.

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Let’s get back to @Zoltan_Polyak request! I would like to know what are the issues he found to improve our setup!

I think it’s about this:

  1. Create a new email domain
  2. I wish to create a new user to belong to the new email domain, but only the first (main) domain is available.

Please see the attached pictures.

Thanks! Yes that is.
So, if I am right, I can setup different domains with different users.

So, every user gets every domans?


email addresses:


Is there anyway to set the primary domain to the user?

This is true when we speak about email domains and email addresses. But it’s false when we speak about domains of user accounts.

Additional mail aliases, in additional domains, are created under “Email addresses > Mail aliases”

The “primary” domain is the domain of the system, configured under “Server name” page. It cannot be changed after you bind to an accounts provider.

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Hi there

Much appreciate all your work and great pice of software.
Unfortunately your restriction to one domain for email server make this project usable just for home users.
Many VPS providers limit your vps hostname to their local domain.
In scenario like tat rebooting your NS server will do realy mess with email configuration even for one domain.
Email aliases and redirection to them separated account is the solution for home users or SMB with few email account and few domains.
In large environment your project is simple unusable even with lot of functionality is a pice of art.

Hope developers will take that in consideration.

Anyway nice project for home users.


I don’t know you VPS provider, but mine lets me choose and configure my hostname and domain name as I like. There is NO restriction to that. The only thing my VPS provides is an external IP address, a (virtual) disk and an ISO image so I can install the OS I want it to run.
What would make NS a home-user solution? IMO it is a LOT more than that. You should compare NS with the later versions of Windows SBS, but without the limitations. And Windows SBS isn’t a home user OS either…
I most likely misunderstood your point?

Much appreciate your explanation of vps providers but this threat is about functionality included with NS.
Hostname is a functionality of the os not a hosting company but some of them when you are booting your system attaching their local domain for identification. Then you will get a total mess with your current NS setup regard to your domain and email accounts. Know that from autopsy my friend.

Anyway when you focus on the threat not a Microsoft then you can understand that a lot of users already complain abut this restriction in NS.

I’m new to this community and not sure what your function “ambassador” in the project is but I’m much appreciate all NS developers work like I’m thinking is clearly visible in my post.

The threat is about functionality and that is my comment.

Hope this help with understanding the threat.

If I understand correctly you see the primary domain as a problem?

What do you mean with this? Can you provide some scenarios?

Take a look at this :slight_smile:

Hi Alessio

Thank you for your explanation.
One of the possible scenario is already included in my comment.

Summarise the conversation I’m really appreciate and happy with the idea of the project and already hard work of some developers with modules for NS and prebuilt functionality.
Really nice pice of software.
When you include no restriction in hosted domains regard to the email functionality in my opinion you can be a serious competitor for some of the similar solutions.

I’m already using your project in working environments for some of my clients. Because of the one email domain restriction in email functionality I can offer your solution for other clients then home office users at this time.

Hope this can be change with your future versions of the NS.

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How many NethServer installations do you have? Sorry for the late response :frowning:

This is how I did a multiple email domains on NS.
Our client wanted to have a shorted domain name, so this is how I did it.

  1. Add the new domain under NS Email -> Domains
  2. on NS DNS -> added the www to point to external hosting server
  3. Go to cPanel and point MX-record for the new domain’s to match the NS public IP
  4. No need to add a new email address on NS if it’s the same as the original/existing one.
  5. Change the From… address on Outlook, so it email as the new email address.