Multiple DHCP Range

Is any workaround via CLI to set multiple DHCP range in Nethserver? GUI only allow to set one single range. For example, LAN interface (GREEN) network subnet is, and the DHCP server distribution range is - 1.30 and - 1.200. I am changing a windows DHCP server to Nethserver, because the current windows DHCP server has multiple DHCP exclusion range so I am wondering if I can do the same in Nethserver, thank you.

I found this thread about multiple ranges:

But I’m not sure you need it, I think you could define a single wide range ( because dnsmasq (dhcp server) will not give addressed in the 31-99 range if ip addresses are already used.

That is great to know that dnsmasq know which IP is in used and will not assign it to other device even though the IP is within the DHCP range, thanks for the info :smile: