Multiple DHCP Range IP reservation

Hello Comunity,

it’s my first Project with NehtServer and i’m excited, but i have one question… i have checked the Forum but found nothing… maybe looked not good enough :-/

I have two DHCP Server activated and all “guests” are at the .174. the regular devices at .173. how can i put a device from the 174 to 173 with ip reservation to make a guest to a regular?
I see the member in ne blue Network but when i do a ip reservation to the green it has no effect.
What is my problem except of my bad englisch :wink:
My NethServer release is 6.7 (final)

Hopefully i get some help
Greeting Chris

How are you?

You have two network segments one for guests and one is your local network. and you want to place a reservation of a segment on the other?

Hi :slight_smile:
i’m fine thanks
that is the plan… is that even posible? i think it was a easy way to put the right devices in my local Network and get them privilegs.
The blue Network only see one Homepage and the devices in green everything (machine controls, Servers, HMI’s etc.)
What do you think?

Thanks for your answer

The guest network (blue) should not see any of the administrative network (green)

If you want the guest network can access your administrative network, you must use the firewall access policies or create objects in the firewall for that purpose.

I think it’s that or not?


Hello jgjimenezs,
thanks for your answer
everythink is right what you said i have a firewall acess to see my webserver in the blue Network. maybe my questions was not the right.
Can i have more than one DHCP ranges on my nethserver?
one dhcp for blue and one for green?
And how can i prioritize them
atm every device goes to the blue and i don’t get it to the green. my first idea was the IP Reservation but it doesn’t work

Greetings and thx for the effort

Hello @ChrisH

Yes, you can enable a DHCP server for guests and for administrative

You will use vlan allocation for networks?


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