Multi Wan not balancing (failover works)

NethServer release 7.3.1611 (Final)
Basic firewall

I’m trying to configure Multi Wan in balanced mode.
But from what I can see I’m only using one of the two connections.
curl ‘
gives always he same result (from the server and from different clients).

If I unplug one of the two wan cables then I can see the traffic switching on the other ISP.
ip route show table balance
nexthop via dev p1p1 weight 100
nexthop via dev p4p1 weight 80

anything I can check?


Linux has route caching, it will favor one connection for the same destination.
I’d have a look at Graphs->Interface to see actual wan usage.

Thank you, Filippo. I can see it working.
Now I have the opposite problem.
I cannot find any documentation on how the session stickyness is handled.

On some online services I get “wrong IP” after a redirect.

Is there any policy I can configure?