Multi-WAN indicated, but not I'm not actually using a multi-WAN setup

NethServer release 7.2.1511 (rc1):

Greetings y’all! I’m a new Nethserver user (coming from Zentyal) and have a config/setup question which I A) cannot find an answer to and B) do not even know if it is important or not.

The question is: on my network interfaces screen, the NIC connected to my cable modem is indicating that it is using multi-WAN, but it isn’t - I have one WAN provider and one NIC on my Nethserver box is connected by Cat6 directly to the NIC on my cable terminal adapter…how do I remove the multi-WAN information? Or, do I even need to? I’d like to get my base setup correct before digging in and creating further conundrums for myself and/or anyone on the forum!

NICS - Device List in “Network” module screen cap.
Edit NIC screen cap.

My setup is really simple and I’m not using Nethserver for any heavy lifting - this is a very straightforward home network where Nethserver is providing firewall, DHCP, DNS and, hopefully, VPN connectivity at some point in the near future. The box housing Nethserver is a dual-NIC Gigabyte BRIX S with a Core I3. I ran Zentyal on this box initially because my little Linux experience is with Ubuntu (server and desktop) and that seemed comfortable…that said, Zentyal seems to be focusing more on “non-gateway” functionality and Nethserver looked to be a more “let’s focus on getting ‘core’ functionality ‘right’” solution.

I’ll also caveat/apologize in advance that my server admin/networking knowledge is at the “just enough to be dangerous” level…so, if there is any additional info I need in this post - just let me know! I’m all about learning!

You have 2 NIC and i assume you have 1 GREEN and 1 RED interface?

You should ignore the multiwan module, it is supposed to be useful when you have at least 2 RED interfaces to, for instance, handle failover when one RED goes down

You can always find on how and when to use a module clicking on the “help” button inside the module itself

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That’s correct - 1 NIC is GREEN on LAN-side and the other RED, connected to my cable modem.

That said, I never enabled or clicked anything in the “multi-WAN” setup. It was there after I brought the system up…which is why I’m confused by it.

So, it’s safe to ignore this…or is it something I can/should remedy?

@RyanGSanders did you check it on the 7 final? Do you have the same problem?

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@alefattorini I can confirm that 7 Final shows exactly the same pre-filled entries as the screen shots from both @RyanGSanders and @edi show.


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