Move mail storage


I am new to Nethserver 7 (installed some 6.x and SME in the past).
I am experimenting with it and obviously have some problems :slight_smile:
I am installing into an LXC Container (under Proxmox), with the related problems.

My question is: How can I move safely the mail storage from /var/lib/nethserver/… to another path?

Thanks, P.

Welcome on board!

Sorry, you can’t do that. This path is a convention inside all NethServer scripts.

My advice is to try NethServer on a real virtual machine or on a bare metal server.

I’m running Nethserver on Proxmox as regular vm’s. Works like a charm.

Don’t forget to set display to spice (qxl) so you can use the spice connection to the console.

I am getting old, so I have my ideas :wink:
But I am open to good advices :wink:
I installed NS into standard VMs without problems and I am using it, but I like containers because they can mount host folder and that is very useful if you have VM that have a great amount of data.
I am planning to deploy a mail server that replaces an Exchange VM of 500 GB disk size (90% used), and a File server VM of 1.1 TB (85% used). Both created from other people under ESX.And they will grow …
A good backup strategy for so big VM isn’t simple.
I usually prefer little VM/CT for the “core” of the server and data into a different partition, bettter if I can use a folder into the host (I use NFS or SMB for KVM, but bind mount in CT are simpler and better).

If the problem is only the path, the question became: Is good and safe a simple
symbolic link of the folder or better to mount /var/lib/nethserver/… to another mount point?

Thanks, P.

Same situation here … replacing outgrown exchange and filserver with multiple Nethservers.

My strategy is split them up over multiple servers, have proxmox use truenas as storage with RAID10 and replicate that to a Freenas unit on NAS level.

The only PITA is is the different medium backup :stuck_out_tongue: