Mountpoint of external HDD

NethServer Version: 7,5
Module: backup


I plugged in a USB-HDD to my Proxmox VE system and assigned the device to the Nethserver VM. After reboot - voila - I can use it for backups

But where is the mount point?
fdisk -l says its is \dev\sdb

I would like to use it for some data, too


Found some threads about integrating new HDD, just add it to /etc/fstab:

Hi Markus,

this is not what I meant, sorry for not asking precisely. My question is:
Nethserver recognize the attached HDD well, but I do not find mount mounts where I expepected: /media and /mnt are empty.


You need to create the mount point. So, if you want the disk to be mounted at /mnt/usbdisk, do mkdir /mnt/usbdisk.

The backup module mounts the disk when it needs to, makes the backup and unmounts it.


Thanks, this explains why I did not find it in the mount points …