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(Lewis) #1

Morning all
I just love this NS thing… Is it possible to add a little more information as in graphs, it would be nice if I could go back to a certain time (day or two) to see what someone was doing. I have a HN9600 modem which tell me hourly what was downloaded but does not tell me which host and what protocols was busy. From all the inputs and talks I have followed here it seems no one is interested in graphs or detailed information going through NS, is there some other software/app being used I dont know about?

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #2

Hello Lewis,

You can use Lightsquid for this.
Additional apps which can offer some informations regarding traffic may be AWStats or Mailgraph.

If you read my posts, you will see that also I’m interesting of this but …

Kind regards,

(Lewis) #3

This is my biggest problem which I am not sure what is happening, From 6am to midnight my modem tells me 4212Mb were downloaded (through modem) and on my Lightsquid it tells me 1200Mb went through it. That is a big deference to explain to a boss… :grin:

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #4

I’m not sure, maybe I tell you a stupidity, but I think that only http traffic is shown/recorded on LS.
I think is about the settings of the Proxy.
Can you try to not use proxy for 24 - 36 hours to see? I understand that all internal traffic to Internet goes through NS first and then through the modem.

(Lewis) #5

How easy is it to install AWStats on NS?

(Lewis) #6

Yes, all traffic through NS first then modem…

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #7

I tested on NS for a few days using instructions from here and from here

(Lewis) #8

where you happy with the results? Wont bring down my NS? looking at the instructions and topic it seems that AWStats is more for maillog… Can it also work for traffic through NS?

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #9

“AWStats is a free powerful and featureful tool that generates advanced web, streaming, ftp or mail server statistics, graphically”

Please read more here:

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #10

Do you use wireless lan which is not passed through NS?

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #11

You have two choices:

  • install ntopng and use the historical graphs
  • install collectd and check bandwidth usage

(Gabriel GHEORGHIU) #12

Please test first in non production environment!

For “in production” NS, use this:

Is tested on NS!

(Lewis) #13

Do I have to start ntopng with -F option from command line?

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #14

No you don’t, ntopng already saves historical data.

(Lewis) #15

When in Ntopng i go to interfaces and when I try click on historical it says: “In order to enable this interface, you have to start ntopng with -F option”

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #16

You’re right for the interfaces.
But if you want to check and host, you can access the host page and click on “Historical”.

Maybe you can try to enable the -F options and let us know if ntopng gathers relevant data! And if it does, we can add an option to enable/disable the feature :smile:

(Lewis) #17

I failed to enable the -F

(Lewis) #18

Has anyone come up with better output on graphs? I am really in need of output results. and question on ntopng; If left running constantly does it slow down you NS server?