More about IpSec Tunnels and Custom/Multiple Dashboards

I recently used a firewall/only installation of NethServer to connect via IPSEC another appliance.
No troubles about IPsec, once the settings nice on both sides.

I can view the status of the ipsec connection but i have to go to into IPsec Tunnels status panel.
But i can’t see a lot of details…
Name of the tunnel, local and remote network, it’s connected.
I have no info about amount of data transmitted and received, or timing of connection. I know i could scan to the logs for time of last connection.

Also, i have no clue from the dashboard if the tunnel is up or not.
Ok… maybe dashboard cannot be edited/customized… it’s mostly system-oriented. But also there are nested tabs for phisical network interface. Ipsec VPN tunnels and OpenVPN are virtual network interface. So… maybe something like that could be done for IPsec and OpenVPN?

Otherwise, another box, which could be added (or not) maybe customizing the user settings for admin interface…

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The Dashboard can be customized via PHP code to show almost anything.

As always, more code more bugs :smiley:
Actually stats for IPSec tunnels are obtained using /usr/sbin/ipsec status command.

You can try to hack it a bit by modifying this files:

And the freshest coffee cup it’s not cold. Are we at the Obvious Fair? :innocent:

Anyway… as far as i can see, NethServer is also designed for being a security/connecting device, and by my (personal) point of view status and data about remote connections are worth monitoring.

And i think that little tab on the Dashboard, or a custom/editable Dashboard page could be reserved…
As an out-of-the-box visual (not functional) feature.

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Maybe Tunnel status could be added into Cockpit?

Of course, it will be one of the next Cockpit apps.