Mobile phones cannot browse the internet

I have NS installed as a mail server, dns, firewall etc… Users mobile phones are connected to Wifi but they cannot browse the internet.
Laptops are connected to the Wifi with no issue it’s only the mobile phones that I’m having issue with it.

Appreciate everyone’s comment to get this resolved.

You need to give us some more info besides “it doesn’t work”
Can you give a more clear picture of your infrastructure setup? From Internet - modem to your clients.

  • Where in the setup have you placed the Accesspoint(s)?
  • What kind of accesspoints do you use and how did you connect them to the network?
  • Where in the setup is NethServer?
  • Is NethServer the (only) DHCP server?
  • Is there any difference between the network settings of a laptop and a smartphone? (do they have an IP in the same subnet? same default gateway? same DNS server?

Hi robb, my setup is like this (ISP CPE - NethServer - Unmanage Switch - AP - Clients)
Accesspoint is connected to the unmanaged switch, i’m using a TPLink 300Mbps router as the AP and DHCP is disabled on it. Nethserver got 2 interfaces one for the ISP and the other one is for the LAN, Yes NS is the only DHCP server, same network setting on both laptops and smart phones. NS is the gateway too.
hope this info make sense.

Which proxy settings do you use? (transparent, authenticated,…)
Which related modules are installed? (proxy, DPI, webfilter,…)

Is the AP connected through the WAN port or through 1 of the LAN ports? To have all clients on the same subnet as NethServer, you must connect the AP through 1 of the LAN ports.
Can you give the actual network settigns of a smartphone client and of a laptop client?

AP is connected on the LAN port to the switch, from my mobile i can ping the websites but i cannot browse any websites.
Proxy is not enabled.