Misspelled tomcat code in catalina.policy

there is an error in the catalina.policy file. someone forgot to put the t at the start of tomcat around line 62

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Thanks Matt. That’s a bug that should be fixed.
Would you like to open an issue and a Pull Request on github with the fix?

/cc @giacomo

Thanks Marc. I have submitted the change


Welcome @pcdoc and thanks for reporting!

Uh, that’s a file copied from upstream.
I do not really know tomcat well, if we change it, does it have any consequences?

Could you please point me to a link? I didn’t find any proposed change :mag:

Here’s more info:

Good catch @dnutan!

@pcdoc would you like to create a PR or do you prefer I’m going to make the change?

wonder why this was not fixed earlier. It was identified in May 2018


Thank you @pcdoc, the patch has been merged.

We are going to release it on next webtop update which should be ready soon.

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I was trying to install OpenKM and needed tomcat for that. There ended up being a lot of other issues and I ended up not having enough time left in project to keep at it. I was looking at which Document / Knowledge management system is best for my company. Ended up settling on an Alpine system with Docker running Mayan EDMS.

I will return to trying to get OpenKM running on Nethserver someday, just need a bigger shoe horn.

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