Missing user creation tab on roadwarrior setup


i’ve just installed nethserver 7.4 and installed open vpn.

i’m trying to create a new user account for roadwarrior setup but the option seems to be missing from where it was in 6.9 under management in left menu has it moved?

You can find it under Gateway -> OpenVPN Roadwarrior (on the Roadwarrior accounts tab)

i only see the option to create the vpn account,

i’m trying to set the user password but don’t see the option am i missing something?

Now, for password authentication, it requires a system user. That means you have to choose an account provider: OpenLDAP (nethserver-directory) or Active Directory (nethserver-dc).


Create a new account: it is recommended to use a dedicated VPN account with certificate, avoiding the need to create a system user.

On the other hand, it’s mandatory to choose a system account if you want to use authentication with user name and password.

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ahhh got it thank you - i had to install local ldap to enable account creation.