Missing functionality in cockpit?

NethServer Version: 7.8.2003
Module: cockpit
I was looking for a feature list for cockpit but couldn’t find anything. There are a few things I am not able to find in the new interface which forces me to use the legacy interface. Those that I am most interested in are Shared mailboxes, Mail aliases and Configuration --> Email, at least the three first tabs. Are they hidden somewhere in the interface, still to be developed or not in scope?

could you make some screenshots of what you are looking for, as far i know we have now more features in cockpit than in nethgui.

Nethgui is dead, long life to cockpit

Of course, I agree that cockpit should be the future but there is still a lot of things that only exists in the old interface. You should maybe have a survey asking what everyone is still using in the old interface? Some things are easy to forget since they are mostly used during initial setup.

Email configuration, for me are the three first tabs enough but I’m sure there are others using the other tabs.

Maybe you could have a look to the applications -> email menu of cockpit

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That was a bit backward. :slight_smile: I suspect a developer has designed that, said with the deepest love and respect from an ex-developer.
So Applications->Email->Settings shows the Domain tab.
…Settings->Mailboxes shows User mailboxes and Shared mailboxes, now renamed to Public mailboxes.
…Settings->Addresses shows a mix of email aliases and user account mail, this page feels a bit confusing but I think I have an idea
…Settings->Settings shows Mailboxes
I can’t find Configuration->Email->Mailboxes from the old UI.

I think the Email settings should benefit being available directly from the main navigation. Considering what the settings look for other applications didn’t I even consider that would provide any interesting options.

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don’t know, I only can said that developers are not humans

all modules display there their settings in facts

You can add shortcuts to the left-side menu
Some of the changes in Mail module are explained in the docs: https://docs.nethserver.org/en/latest/mail.html


Thanks for your help, now do I have a better understanding of the structure in the UI.