Missing descriptions/placeholders into Cockpit (Italian)

Access to Cockpit.
Go to Sistema
Go to SSH
hint reports **hints.StrongEncryption** : hints.change_default_ssh_encryption
(TCP Port number has been deleted by the image)
option for strong encryption is reported as ssh.require_strong_encryption
the info icon reports

Thank you for pointing it out.
It has been translated only 4 days agod (https://www.transifex.com/nethserver/nethserver/translate/#it/$/300269755?q=text%3A’Disable+SSH’).

It will land on next italian language pack


I will update the topic when i’ll update again the installation.


Ouch. Not my update…
better luck for the next batch.

You need to wait the release of nethserver-lang-* packages :wink:

I had a hint about that when i found the same messages. But thank you to point out the precise package :wink:

Update published, downloaded, installed. Nothing change… but that’s not wrong.
Packages are installed, but cockpit has to reload to read the new info/strings/placeholders. ATM i don’t have the command to manually restart (from shell only) Cockpit, but after a reboot of the server the problem should be solved. Stay tuned…

The command is:

systemct restart cockpit

Otherwise logout and wait the timeout when Cockpit stops itself: IIRC it should be around 90 seconds