Missing cancel update, how to deal with it?

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I would like to address this question to the dev team. I’ve started an update by accident (yes by accident :slight_smile: ) and then life stopped in the office. Right after the wrong click, I’ve realised I’ve done a bad thing and since it was only downloading the RPM-s I wanted to cancel the process. But as it turned out, I couldn’t. I did not find any option to cancel an ongoing update. It this a feature? If yes, I’m a bit against it. If it is just something that came up now that I’ve mentioned, may I suggest a feature to cancel the update process and OFC, revert the changes done by it?

You can try it at the terminal.
Have a look at this site: https://www.redhat.com/archives/rhl-list/2010-January/msg00235.html
But be carefull with it, in most instances it is not a good idea to stop an update.

PS: If you use @dev_team, they get an info about your question.

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Cheers for the answer.

I think there’s no such option because there isn’t a straightforward method to do it. It’s hard to rollback a partially-updated system: during an update the system reaches hundreds of intermediate states! It would be a nightmare to implement a rollback for all of them, at least for me.

A similar line of reasoning applies to modules uninstall.

How about yum history undo ? On a standard CentOS, RedHat, even Fedora it works like a charm. Even if I cancel an ongoing install or update.

Interesting discussion…‘yum history undo’ could work but with conditions


Maybe we can cancel an ongoing yum transaction, but we cannot cancel running e-smith events.