Migrating users from passwd/shadow file to LDAP

I want to migrate my company’s old openSUSE server to Nethserver for email services. In openSUSE, there are about 200 user accounts. Is there a quick way to create user accounts and migrate the password from password/shadow files to LDAP (used in Nethserver)?

I think it’s possible.

The existing command of ns7 can create the accounts and set plain text password


However, if you want to preserve the original passwords you need an additional shell script.

For each user it has to copy the encrypted password field of /etc/shadow in the LDAP userPassword attribute. You can use the ldapmodify command, or (don’t know if it works but easier) lpasswd.

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Another Option would be PHPLDAPadmin, installed on both OpenSuSE and on NethServer 7 - using Stephdl’s Modul:


But also here: some intervention would be needed.
Advantage: It should be able to export the users with encrypted password.

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Thanks for the Information