Migrate SOGo to Webtop5

NethServer Version: 7.4
Module: Mail

Currently I am running my mailserver based on SOGo On a Karoshi server VPS: Ubuntu server with SOGo 2.2.10
On another VPS I have installed NS7.4 and webtop5.
Now I want to move domain on the first VPS to the NS VPS with all the data.
I have searched if there is any info on migrating from SOGo to webtop5, but couldn’t find it.
Any pointers? Howto?

Kiss would be to use Thunderbird to just copy stuff over, but that can be labour intensive for more then a few mailboxes and there are privacy issues…

I looked at imapsync https://imapsync.lamiral.info for this purpose, between exchange and sogo … I opted for writing a how to for users and a week of extra support.

For mails, as @planet_jeroen pointed out, imapsync or similar tools are the way to go.

I saw you can import Outlook PST into Webtop, which is only useful if you already use some Windows:


So you may use M$ Outlook with caldavsynchronizer to get anything from sogo to a PST and then you could import mails, contacts and calendars to webtop with webtop scripts on a per user base.

Maybe we could improve the script to take a list of PSTs and mapped usernames.

SoGo can export vcard and vcal but you can’t directly import to Webtop I think.

It would really be a nice feature for Webtop to have more import possibilities, making it easier to migrate to Webtop.

I don’t know if it would work with EAS. Use EAS client with old SoGo first to get everything. Then connect to new WebTop. Just an idea, never tried. Again this is on a per user base.

Oh, you may just need mails, then this post may be completely useless for you :grin:
I really should concentrate more on reading

Mostly what I need is mails. But since I am a Linux user, the outlook/pst to webtop path is a nogo.
My biggest concern is my own mailbox. On the client side I have a lot of filtering rules. And on the server side there are a lot of aliasses for my mailbox. If possible I would like to keep those filtering rules and aliases available. It would be a LOT of work to recreate those manually…

I migrate my email from sme server to nethserver by imapsync…with the dovecot admin you even dont bother about user password

Check the wiki for imapsync

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@webtop_team It would be a good idea to have some options for migration available. Can you work on some automated ways? Or at least fool/fail proof procedures?

I found a realy nice howto on installing imapsync: https://www.jverdeyen.be/ubuntu/imapsync-on-ubuntu-16.04/
a minor enhancement for me to make the howto work:
install libssl-dev as dependency:

sudo apt install libssl-dev

install cpanm “Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA JSON::WebToken::Crypt::RSA”

sudo cpanm Crypt::OpenSSL::RSA JSON::WebToken::Crypt::RSA

After that I had a working imapsync application on a VM on my home server.

beheer@imapsync:~/imapsync$ imapsync -v

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What about having imapsync module in NethServer as a kind of mail migration feature? I think it could be useful to ease migration to NethServer.


I think so too. Just 1 more thing: Can imapsync be used for webtop? I understood everything goes into a PostgreSQL database for webtop? Or am I missing something?

AFAIK Webtop gets its mails via dovecot so imapsync should work as it just connects to dovecot too.


exactly, it is a dovecot to dovecot talk…I don’t know if it worth a module, generally you use it one time for a migration, then you forget it.

After saying this, we could use it after for a backup solution too

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While imapsync is a well-proven tool, I’d like to give a chance to dsync:


Looks interesting, but absolutely not something I would want to use on production environments. Well-proven is a pre-requirement in these cases.

Also, not sure how easy it is to configure in comparisson… this is my ‘does everything I need’ commandline for imapsync:

.\imapsync.exe --host1  --authmech1 PLAIN --user1 user --authuser1 fadmin@domain ^
--host2  --authmech2 PLAIN --user2 user --authuser2 root ^
--tls1 --tls2 ^
--automap ^
--f1f2 "Verwijderde items=Trash" ^
--f1f2 "Deleted Items=Trash" ^
--f1f2 "Ongewenste e-mail=Junk" ^
--f1f2 "Junk E-mail=Junk" ^
--f1f2 "Verzonden items=Sent" ^
--f1f2 Concepten=Drafts ^
--exclude "(?i)^agenda" ^
--exclude "(?i)^calendar" ^
--exclude "(?i)^contactpersonen" ^
--exclude "(?i)^contacts" ^
--exclude "(?i)^logboek" ^
--exclude "(?i)^journal" ^
--exclude "(?i)^problemen*" ^
--exclude "(?i)^sync iss*" ^
--exclude "(?i)^taken" ^
--exclude "(?i)^tasks" ^
--exclude "(?i)^rss-feeds" ^
--exclude "(?i)^rss feeds" ^
--exclude "(?i)^suggested contacts"

Did some imapsync from my providers imap server to my NethServer and it worked as expected. Mails are there in roundcube and webtop and everything seems fine. This is what I did:

yum -y install imapsync imapsync --host1 providerimapserver --port1 993 --user1 name@provider.at --password1 PASSWORD1 --ssl1 --host2 localhost --port1 993 --user2 name@domain.local --password2 PASWORD2 --ssl2

dovecot dsync may also be interesting…as we won’t need an extra package.

I also performed an imapsync from my former VPS to my new VPS.
First I tried with imapsync installed as a VM on my homeserver, but my home connection just is too slow for that to decently copy all the mail.
Then I instalkled imapsync on the old VPS and ran it to copy all mailboxes to the new VPS. Worked like a charm.
And because I am the only user on both VPS’s I skipped the secret file part. Just ran the command with the password instead of pointing to a file where the secret is stored.

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Glad it worked!

I also didn’t point to a file with --password1 and --password2.