Migrate from Windows AD/File server to NS 7

NethServer Version: (7b2) 7RC1
Module: Account provider: Samba Active Directory

Hi everybody!

I want to change my Windows 2012 AD/File server with NS (7b2) 7RC1.
I have the following configuration on Windows server:

2 x 250 GB HDD, RAID1 (software) for OS.
2 x 1TB HDD, RAID1 (software) for DATA (file sharing).
1 x 1TB for Shadow copy.

How can I configure NS (7b2) 7RC1 to have a similar configuration during setup?

I wish to have something like this:

2 x 250 GB HDD, RAID1 for OS.
2 x 1TB HDD, RAID1 for DATA (files sharing, logs, email, www, …) as LVM to increase capacity when will be need.
1 x 1TB for Backup (can be added after first setup).


Hi guys!

What do you think about this?

Of course, each HDD will be configured as RAID1

Hi @GG_jr

sorry if I answer only now.
Have you used the image of the community or Centos 7 iso?

Nethserver data, installed by community iso, are in /var/lib/nethserver and not in /home.

Hi @enzoturri,

Don’t worry!

I always use only NS ISO.

Yes, I figured that!
I have tried a lot of combinations.
I think that this approach is not good for Linux. Is not Windows. Will be waste a lot of space from 250 GB HDD.
I think is better to use RAID 5 or 10. But realy I don’t know how to do.

the goal is to have the bigger space for var/, I think. there are kept all shared folders, emails, …; all data. Is it correct?
And of course, to be able to extend this space, when necessary.

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Yes, all data are in var :+1:

If you think that the problem is solved, Mark “solved” the thread.
This help identifying remaining questions
Great job :grinning:

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If we talk about the similar configuration between Windows and Linux, as is described in the first post, is solved: IMO, we will lost space from 250 Gb HDD (~ 200 GB!).
If this scenario will be kept, the lost space will be greater because now, the smallest HDD for servers is 500 GB.

I will mark this topic as closed and I think it’s a good idea to continue discussion about this, here:
Optimal HDD partitions for email/file server?

What do you think?

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