Messages seems not not reach the recipient's mailbox


Pardon me for being naive, I did try lastweek to configure SOGo, I might have configured it incorrectly it seems. I was able to setup several accounts, log on to them. However, I can not receive mails I sent for them. Sending did not return an error, however, logging into the recipient’s account, mail is nowhere on the mailbox.

Might be a good thing to have a how-to on SOGo installation and configuration.


Hi @vhinzsanchez, did you install SOGo from Software Center page or set up it manually?

I’m asking this because you should not need any additional configuration for SOGo, if you install from Software Center…

Hello @davidep, I did install it from the Software Center. There were no errors (or so I thought). User creation and login seems okay as well as sending. But messages seems not not reach the recipient’s mailbox.

Since this is just a test server, I’ll try to resetup NS (ith SOGo) this week.

Are internal recipients working? It doesn’t seem a SOGo issue but something on mailserver side
Check /var/log/maillog

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@alefattorini, thanks. Forgot to check that one.

It seems to point that I may have misconfigured the name server:

Host or domain name not found. Name service error for name=nethdomain.nethdomain type=A: Host not found

Should have checked it, my apologies.

Hi again,

Trying to figure this out. In Ubuntu, I can configure DNS via bind9 (bind zones), however, I’m not seeing anything familiar. I’ve already configured /etc/resolve.conf and /etc/hosts. Do I need bind9 for it?

How do I configure NS to recognize my 3 domains (nethdomain, nethdomain.local and testdomain.local)? It’s already in Configuration > Email | Domain.

That’s all: all mail domains are configured under Email > Domain (deliver locally). Please, don’t change any file manually, don’t install bind9!

If you think the manual page lacks some informations, feel free to edit it on GitHub.

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I have changed the /etc/hosts as well as the /etc/resolv.conf in trying to make this work. However, I have not installed bind9. I think I will reinstall and test again.



I just reinstalled my NS test server. However, I’m hitting a brickwall…the server stops when clicking on Software Center (to install modules). This is the same virtual machine…I just reformatted it. I did it a couple of times…perhaps 5, with the same result.


Opened a new thread for this issue: