Merry Christmas to all

In these hard times we are living in the world, where we need more kind souls and noble hearts, where prayers are urgent, where a helping hand can save a life, can change the world. You are angels. Nethserver Community.

In the name of my family and myself, we wish you this Christmas to be one of the best and we ask you not to forget that inner child that we need to go out and change the world.

We send a big hug to each of you and your family.

Jimenez Lugo family.


Likewise @jgjimenezs all the best :slight_smile:


God bless you and your family.


To Jose: I know you experience very diffucult times. Know that we all think of you and hope you and your family get through.
To the whole community: I agree with Jose that we need more kind souls and noble hearts. I wish them for you all.
Have a merry Christmas and a very prosperous new year. Let’s hope the world will become a better place in 2022…


Thanks bro

Merry Christmas to you Jose and your family.
I hope the next year will be a better one for you and for all of us.

Merry X-mas and a happy new year to everyone in this community!



Thanks Bro