Member of the Month - March 2016

This time I’m proud to appoint

aka Jean-Marc LOUIS
as Member of the Month (MoM) - March 2016

Why? The answer is pretty obvious, he’s has been active in our community basically every day, 232 on 235 from his signing up. More than 150 consecutive days and nearly 1000 posts :open_mouth: :open_mouth:
It has been awarded more than a general :trophy:

Thanks @Jim on behalf of everyone at our community, you’re making it a better place

  • Who’s Jim? Please share something about you
    I’m a french guy who has the first experience with a computer at 13 years old with a MSX computer, the first computer at home… It was so cool that I choose to study in computing. My first Pc was an IBM PC XT, and at this era I had learned MS DOS, IBM DOS and the fist very cool software Geoworks at home and Unix with OS/9, Assembler, C, and Pascal at college and university. I started working in the aerospatial domain and after a period I went for an international group as network (windows) administrator, now I’m a hotel manager in Brazil.

  • How do you have bumped into NethServer and why this passion?
    I’m not working as IT manager anymore, but I’m still like computers, OSes, and networks, particulary Unix Oses like OS x, BSD, Linux.
    I come to Nethserver when I was looking a firewall/gateway… I don’t remember why, but finally I bought a HP Microserver Gen. 8 over a PFSense appliance… To feet in this hardware, I initially choose Clear Os, but even if this OS was good it did not earn my needs, a bad feeling due to commercials things… So, looking for another similar OS, I choosed Nethserver…Rapidly operational, a good looking webgui…and I fell in love with NethServer :smile:

  • What do you love about NethServer?
    It’s extremely modular, you can make a minimal install and pick in the application center what you need…It’s simple, it’s cool and efficient.

  • You’re the a Docs Team Member, any suggestion for people who want to join the group and lend a hand?
    There’re so many easy ways to improve the documentation.
    You can simply write something… An “how to”, a way to tweak the Nethserver instance in the forum or In the wiki.
    There’s nothing complicate.
    Everybody can write something at any skill level. We need any kind of stuff like Nethserver installation, application installation, tweak, proof of concept… And to be complete, we need stuff to discover what’s under the hood, what’s behind the webgui.

  • Why start off by writing a doc? What people can learn?
    Everybody has it’s own experience, and sometime, he can share his experience by explaining things in discussions, writing things…
    For me, in this it world, everybody has always something to learn because things changes, the world whirling, because OSes continuing evoluing.
    For exemple, I know some Unix systems, some Bsd systems and some Linux systems… But it’s my first time with CentOS, it’s my first time with the E-smith datase… So I need to adapt and improve my knowledge,
    I’m learning, and seeing that we ( the community ) need documentation, I simply try to share what I learn…

  • What are your motivations?
    My motivation is my love for Open Source Software. I can use freely without spend one cents…It give me lot of pleasure with the possibility to try, and by pleasure, I give a little of my time for the community in return, I already do this with any project I’d try, by making suggestions, by showing where we can improve things,

  • What has helped you most to be so interested and active?
    The community and the way I was feeling so good here. When I start posting I received good returns. As soon I was with the feeling that my voice count here.
    With my professional experience, I had seen projects growing up, so I try to reproduce here in the community some good practises, and try to convince when I see something that don’t seem good and can be change

  • What do you think about NethServer Community and NethServer project?
    The Nethserver community is young and need to be organized as it’s growing… And as newcomers arrive and share their experiences we can doing more and more things… I’m thinking in the wiki.
    The Nethserver project is good. The objective is to make server easy, to make administration task smoother…
    As Nethserver is modular, it can adapt in numerous situation, and with the coming Docker, Nethserver can do light virtualization, or application isolation as it can do hypervisor with KVM.

  • Do you have any plans for the future?
    :smile: Go in Italy to shake the Dev Team, like I shake the forum… I’m very impatient with the upcoming NethServer 7

Bouh…My first selfie ever
<img src="/uploads/db8506/original/2X/8/8077ae154e6a3982933818d54ed057cfb95c4d1b.JPG" width=“375” height=“500”



I will just say two words : Thank you :smiley:

I had already done this joke

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@Jim is our community-shaker :tropical_drink:


It could be a good title :laughing:

Some ideas:

Jim - Community-shaker instead of Jim - Super member


Jim “The Community Shaker” Super member


Jim - Super member aka Jim - The Community Shaker


Jim - The Community Shaker fka Jim - Super member

Congrats! :clap: :clap: :clap:

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My modesty will blow up

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Indeed! Done. Do you like it?


I think “The Community Shaker” too much… “Community Shaker” could be better :wink:

No, No, No!
Nobody shake the community as you!


I agree, by following @Jim’s example others could award the “shaker” title too!


But “Render unto Caesar that which is Caesar’s!”


I can add a new badge for VERY active friends like @Jim and he is be able to decide who can become a REAL community shaker :smile:
@Jim which image do you prefer?

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I really don’t know… A shaker is like this:

Make things simpler: The same badge as “contributor” in gold


@Jim - you deserve it man :smile: :+1: Congrats :smile:

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Done, sometimes you can choose who deserves it :smile:


Thank you very much :heart_eyes:


sweet… :+1: