Meeting with the Dev Team on NethServer 7 Alpha 3

I’m happy to announce tomorrow meeting with some of the @dev_team

Questions from the community are welcome, you can raise them here or during the meeting on Blab


Multi domain email server on NS 7a3 - not possible like on NS 6.7?

(from here: NethServer 7.2 alpha 3 - "First Blood")

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Thanks, would you like to join us? By chat or video. Just signin the blab meeting

Thank you for the invitation!

My working program just finished but I still have a lot of stuff to do.
If I will be at the office at that time (I am here from 07:30, RO time and …), will be my pleasure to join with you.


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Good, subscribe the event right now /cc @davidep @giacomo

  • click on my link above
  • click on subscribe

We have to re-schedule, sorry guys we have problems with Blab.

I thought it was my problem
i’ve created a twitter account
granted blab to do almost anything with it
but still no way…

There’s a bug on signing up, they’re working on it. Next time :frowning:

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