Mattermost Team Edition LDAP integration

Dear Team,

I am currently trying to install the following package to Mattermost team edition: without any success,
It advises to cp -r oauth/ /var/www/html however, mattermost runs on a vhost, then I have no idea how to modify this,
Anyone has an advice?

Thank you

I’ve never worked with that package, but I’d expect the answer would be to copy the oauth directory to wherever mattermost is installed. Shouldn’t be too hard to figure out where that is.

Thank you, I did it and it seems that it wants to call back on gitlabs website,
I am not sure if I implemented it correctly,
Any pointers?

Do you have step-by-step instructions that others can follow?
Any concrete error from script output or logs?

hard to say, maybe you already have gone through this:

  • mattermost is located under /opt/mattermost
  • Make sure the correct url is set in of Mattermost-LDAP and remove port from it if not required.
  • if is failing remember that in nethserver mattermost implementation postgresdb comes from Red Hat SCL: