Mattermost site cant be reach

NethServer Version: 7.5 1804
Module: mattermost

hi all,

currently i tested mattermost module locally and after install and open the application it turn out error says " this site cant be reach" any advise? thanks

perform during install:
-set fqdn
-ping server on lan side using fqdn; its working.
-i use the default self signed certificate
-enable and set virtual host. (team chat option)
-download mattermost in software center.

Hi @kalibangonako,

does it work with another browser?

Is the service running?

systemctl status mattermost

You may have to use a valid certificate instead of the self-signed one:

Are there relevant errors in /var/log/messages ?

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I’m facing the same issue,so this mean not possible to connect to mattermost unless you have vaild certificate.
or are there way to avoid this if possible?
and what mattermost stand on it to prevent that like ca-certs etc ,maybe possible to change it.
Best Regards

Tell your browser to accept the self signed certificate…

No, It’s server side not client side blocked from server, maybe for security reasons.

Are you using a proxy? If yes, does it work with disabled proxy/proxy bypass?