Managing NS - DC through RSAT (Win7)

Hello to all!
'have installed new AD Domain and successfully joined two workstations (win7/10). Installed RSAT on both. Added group policy management and successfully mapped share through GP that is linked to previously created OU that contains 2 domain users. So far so good :slightly_frowning_face:
But it seems that OU operations are questionable … i.e. Move operation does not work ,…

Cannot change OU ! (?!) … tried logoff/logon / restarts many times

Has anybody else met such bug ?

BR & Thanks in adavnce

Hi @tonci,

I could reproduce this error when the object (or an object with same name) already exists in the OU.


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Hi Markus, thank you … yes that’s it . This “Name” was critical and I did not pay enough attention to.
So far so good again :slight_smile:
I was little bit confused since native MSDC responds like this … but most important is we know the cause now

Thanks & BR

p.s. sorry I noticed too late :slight_smile: that I shouldn’t generate new topic for this issue