Manage nfs in the shared folder

yes, i agree, it would be a great addition…
It could be a good candidate for bountysource… what do you think? /cc: @alefattorini

Yes but I’d like to go deeper into a different discussion. How should this panel be designed?
Which are the goals? Can you provide more details about?

One picture often talks better than a long discussion

The purpose will be to integrate the nfs protocol to Ibays, at least it is like that I have designed the contribs for smeserver. Of course we can imagine to separate the smb shares from nfs,but i love to have one unified container for several goals (web, ftp, smb, nfs…).

Since nfs has an authentication uid/gid based, and cannot be trustfully, the write permission will be given if the share is only accessible on the local network.

The most used options ideally must be accessible from the UI and a special field could be created for specific settings not available in the UI.


yeeeessss… i was just installing it to take a screenshot, you save me a lot of time/words :grin:
do you think we can make the bounty directly for ns7?

@stephdl has developed some packages to test:

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