Manage Disk Redundancy

(Haliparotin) #1

How can i manage the disk redundancy on NethServer in easy way? because im using SME server and have a easy way to how redundant the disk like login admin account on shell.

Thank you

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(Giacomo Sanchietti) #2

There isn’t any kind of UI to handle RAID, you should use mdadm command.

For more info:

man mdadm

(Stefano) #3

it was/is yet a menu point in SME’s console…

about the console, you (in the documentation) said that it is deprecated as almost everything is delegated/done by the web GUI…

so, the first question that come to my mind is: if there’s no gui to manage raid atm why didn’t you keep it in the “limited and deprecated” console availble in NS?
I understand that since NS can be setup over an existing Centos install and/or installed using a custom raid/lvm layout (via the graphical installer) this can lead to problems, but IMVHO before removing features, we’d be sure we have the tools to deal with the same problems…

(Giacomo Sanchietti) #4

We removed the console, because it did more damages than good :wink:

(Stefano) #5

would you mind to elaborate a bit more? it sounds “strange” to me…

(Haliparotin) #6

hi this the sample…

(Alessio Fattorini) #7

Describe, in plain terms, what it is you wish to accomplish? Having an easy procedure for raid disk replacing?
To simplify this?

(Stefano) #8

well, OP already explained his needs…

he was used to have an option in SME’s console to manage raid arrays…
in NS there’s no such a feature, neither in (deprecated) console nor in the web GUI…

and this is awkward since almost has moved to web GUI…
in other words: there was a feature, now it’s not available anymore and a user has to dig into cli commands (again, awkward in NS perspective)…
normally an (usefull) feature should be pruned only if there’s a valid alternative… and this is not the case.

Disk Management feature request
(Giacomo Sanchietti) #9

This feature is present only SME, and it never landed into NethServer.
The code was present in the first release (6.4), but it wasn’t never supported nor tested.

Right, but this is very hard to develop and for now is not in roadmap.
But, as always, every contribution is very appreciated! :smile: