Mailserver with consumer internet connection

@zimny I have some doubts, about e-mail module, this is my scenery:

So, firts of all, I would like know if, when I configure the nethserver module, my nethserver connect by pop protocol to the external server, and download all the messages of each mailbox to nethsever, and then how I can configure every mailbox to deliver the messages in to the lan pc’s, and how it deliver, like or user1@xxxx.local, my hosting provider some times is down, and I would like that when that happen all the pc’s, can continue comunicating by e-mail, so when user1 send a email to user2 that e-mail deliver without send to external server, and if the destinatary is another user like, then wait until the external server is ready, it’s possible to do this?

Do I need work under a domain controller or I can continue just with a workgroup?


Your scenario is exactly i’m using for years. And in addition to the suggestions you already have like to share my solution.

I use a less known service: batched SMTP. Not all Domain/E-mail hosting providers have this option and had to switch to one which does.

BTW You are better of to make a new topic in the future if you want to discus/support a specific scenario off your situation . @alefattorini or other moderator is it a good idea to split this off?

I created a new topic for this discussion.


You have an option straight from NS distor. Proxyy for your emal server .
Secound option for you is filter your smtp traffic and redistrict to your own gateway.
NS can do the job for you in “old fashion” . I think is not god way to double “security checks /antivir” no point if you will do that on different host with the same policies.
To keep all this going you need a poith to check you can name it /anty AV or SPAM. this is what i will do -> domain -> rspamd-> don’t be e cunt when a millions of people get the same respond-> then if you relay have more issue , build av mail gateway, ( , what is your question? do you believe to build system never get any abuse/spam?
no point

i think friend you are lost in the basics what is your goal how many mailboxes do you have (if just few you can create rules) if hundredths and all of them are affected by abuse then you need be a bit more tricky remember that you can’t a 100% gateway no way to many new threats is every way if you are using MS to your MTA or U then you are lost in my opinion … comone unix guys we are dealing with mtu every day no MS what is your respond

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Thanks by your advices, I already read the guide about the e-mail module configuration, but I don’t read nothing about my scenary, but now I think really need read more to do what I want to do, i think by the moment I will work with jabber messenger when the externar provider was down.

Again thanks for all…

Sorry to persist:

How may users do you have?

If it are just a few maybe the pop3 connector can be a work around until a better solution is found:

Well for the moment just around 25 mailboxes, mostly use the mail just for save a record about the movements between the different areas. I mean product send from warehouse to sales room, or product required from sales room to purchasing department, and all that information it’s copied to manager e-mail.
My question is if I use this methode I just need install the email module and de pop3 connector to recieve, and to send, need install another module?

Thanks for you help…

Although it will work, for 25 mail boxes it is recommended to find a better solution.
Which one fits best depends on the services your hosting provider has.

Only E-mail and POP3 connector need to be installed from the Software center.

This is Internal mail?

Do you need to process much external mail?

just the managers mail (4)

Oke, in that case it may be feasible to use the POP3 connector until a better solution is found


Thanks, I will install and try