Mails issue with dovecot issues

HI, i am facing with issue with mail server and error dovecot

randomly occuring the issue- sometimes issues resolve after restarting the services and pc

can you assist on permanent fix

Hi @kiran

And welcome to the NethServer community!

First of all, it might be helpful to know:

A) What versions are you running? New or Updated? Real / Virtualized?
B) What is your problem exactly?
C) Especially for a mail-server: How are you connected to the Internet? DNS?

Further helpful information would be Logfiles (mail?), Screenshots… English please, most of us can read / write english, anything else strongly reduces your chances of finding help here.

At the moment you sound like a co-worker complaining “The Internet is down!”…
Oh, sure, Google, Facebook and the rest are downed…

Or did he mean his browser can’t connect?

Even without any Information, I’ll venture that you’re having DNS issues… :slight_smile:

My 2 cents

@kiran I assume you are running on NethServer?

@Andy_Wismer what makes you think this?

Hi @cronlabspl

Elementary, my dear Watson: It’s one of the most common issues people have when setting up mail… :slight_smile:

There’s a bit more to set up a stable, usable mailserver than just a MX and A record in DNS…
Reverse Lookup DNS, aka. PTR records, then there’s SPF, DKIM, Dmarc, all also have to do with DNS… Then add in a valid SSL Certificate (LE), so that the ubiquitious Smartphone can also send and recieve mails without issues.

And then there are a lot of people who think they’re smart and use the dreaded, stupid .local as a domain for their NethServer (and it’s supposed to interact with the global DNS with .local?). Even Microsoft discourages that since almost 10 years now!

My 2 cents


HI Andy,

thank you.

Nethserver version running----7.9, updated and Real
Issue- Dovecot Authentication issue
We are connected through DNS

Good morning @kiran

Are you using LDAP or AD as account provider on NethServer?

Is the account provider running (Do you see users & groups)?
Are other services (file?) not working?

What is your Internet connection technology? DSL? Cable? Fiber? Wireless? 4G?

My 2 cents