Mail server with multi virtual domains


NethServer Version: 7
Module: mail
the Nethserver is support virtual domains;like a two domain
and (, ?

Thank you

Hi @Ya_Ley ,

Only if is an alias of the
If you want two or more sepparate domains, unfortunately NS can’t do that.


You can define multiple email “alias” domains that map each address to one or more user accounts and shared mailboxes.

This applies to the accounts domain only.


has this situation improved any better?
I installed mail2, but there were no changes.

In my opinion, having a solid mail server module, which allows to fully control virtual mail domains and other pro stuff, is more important than having a multiple choice about groupware.


Sorry, no improvements in this area. This is an important design rule

Uhm… looks like that multidomain (which may also be the case for a single organizazion) is different from multitenant, which means several customers… in fact the question rose up from the fact that a single organization has to manage more than one domain.

So the quoted statement basically says “we could do it”.

New to NethServer?

Mail server

Reliable mail server based on Postfix (SMTP), Dovecot (IMAP/POP3) with antivirus and antispam filter (Amavis). Multi-domain, quota support, queue management, smart host. Fast web mail client (Roundcube).
For Multi-domain, Does it mean virtual domains and aliases?


You have a userlist. You can have more than one domain, you can create aliases.
One user, one mailbox, for all the domains.
Every alias binds to all the domains.

Concept for Nethserver is “one company, many domains”. Project followed the path of SMEServer and IMO won’t change path

Multiple mail domains (virtual hosting),, and etc,…right?

Multiple mail domains yes, AFAIK virtual hosting no.

I try to demo but can not add
Can you show a web interface that you added Multiple mail domains ?

I don’t have multiple mail domains, i’m sorry.
But you can read documentation on how to setup.

Expert please help who have experience to add multiple mail domains in NSv7

I think the product you might want to check out for this use case is Zentyal. With Zentyal you can have your primary domain ( established for your users ie. and also create a virtual domain ( where incoming gets mapped to mail box but mail coming from the in SOGo can specify the From address to be either or and the receiving client will display the From address you select above.

There are however no separate logins in that is the only 1 user account (in this example) while the is a virtual mailbox mapped to



Actually, with NethServer you CAN quite easily have a multi domain mail environment…

Here’s the setup, shown on the old Dashboard (The maildomains are all swiss, eg:

Bildschirmfoto 2020-05-14 um 06.44.28

Here is the settings in Email:

The actual mapping to the users is done in “Email Accounts”.


Even though the user may appear as, he would get mails under:

Just because the username “looks” like an E-Mail address, that doesn’t mean it IS the E-Mail address - it’s a Username! Think eg MS-Exchange… john.doe@ad.mydomain.local isn’t the E-Mail, even though it looks like one… (.local doesn’t work for the Internet, as the name suggests, it’s ONLY for local use.).

Using eg Roundcube, the user can in Webmail choose the sending domain.
Or using any IMAP client, this is also possible (Outlook, Thunderbird, Mac Mail…)

This kind of setup worked already very well in NethServers predecessor, SME-Server, and still works very well. It also works using POP3-pickup and direct smtp, also in a combination of both…

Zentyal is more well known for crappy updates in the free version… :slight_smile:

It’s true that I personally do not approve of Zentyals (or even worse: ClearOS) policy of monetizing open-source to the extent they do. ClearOS even charges you if you want/need a GUI Option to set your NTP server - it might/will be overwritten when updates come…
Besides which, both of their forums don’t come close to NethServers!

My 2 cents

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Sure this would work. The .local.lan may be the servers name and internal dns.domain, but outgoing and incoming use a real, existing internet domain. The mapping of Useraccounts to Mailaliases make this work.

The only “slight” disadvantage is you need to set the outgoing mail on clients for ALL accounts, as the default domain is NOT mail-relevant. But that’s a small issue…

My 2 cents