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Is there any way to migrate the mail server from 1und1 server to on-premise Nethserver Mail server? Which open-source mail server migration tool works perfectly?

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I think that there’s a way to migrate the mailserver from 1And1 to NethServer. But i think that just NethServer, GetMail, DNS console of your provider and an IMAP client could be a big enough toolbox to migrate up to 15-25 accounts. Obviously not “perfectly”.

If 1And1 is just a standard mailserver, you could use imapsync
I have used this to migrate my mail from 1 VPS to another, I used to have a Zentyal server (Ubuntu server based) and migrated to NethServer.

Make note of:

if you don’t know the password of you user, and you are migrating from two NS that are both under your administration, you can use the master user of dovecot where the admin is root in NS (bear in mind to activate the option ‘Root can log in as another user’ in the /email/Mailboxes panel of nethgui). Of course you still need to write the pass file the password of your root user.


I have successfully migrated my mail server from 1und1 server to our own dedicated server (Nethserver). Now after setting up everything I am facing a problem, that all my emails going to Junk folder in case of Hotmail or outlook. Microsoft servers detects my email as a spam.
Does anybody also faced the same situation?? if yes then please help me to solve this matter.

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@stephdl could this be a too tight rspamd setting? Can you comment?

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I don’t think that your suggestion @robb fits the case of @adnanbutt0550.

Therefore is time for due-diligence for your mailserver:

  • Blacklist check
  • Hostname check
  • DNS check (with SPF, and if you like DMARC and DKIM)
  • Certificate Check (no valid certificate, no TLS dialogue between other mail providers)
  • Reputation check

This won’t guarantee any acceptance by Microsoft/Hotmail/ but it will help.

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probably a bad reputation of your email server, with email all is matter of reputation, at the beginning it is not possible to talk with big server, you can

  • use the smtp server as the smarthost (of 1and1 for example), the IP is well known and better accepted (at least this is what I do)
  • follow this tutorial and try to configure spf, dkim, dmarc, hello …, but this won’t assure that big email server would like to talk with you

If the server is “doing right sending messages”, sooner or later most of big email names will consider reliable your server. But doing due diligence (as @stephdl wiki linked) is minimum requirement. And if after two or three weeks no message is considered reliable, maybe the smarthost is the right way to do but… it’s still a thirdy party service which should not be necessary in correctly configured environment.
Exception is if a big chunk of addresses of ISP provider has been classifed as mass mailer source or blacklisted…

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try your reputation here, what rating do you get?

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I have applied all the setting, like
my domain emails are not Blacklisted, Valid DNS(Valid SPF, DMARC, and DKIM), SSL and TLS is enabled.
The reputation of my email is 10/10 as you can seen.

Hello @pike ,
All big servers such as Gmail, yahoo and icloud shows my emails in Inbox, only the Microsoft server shows my emails into Junk. I didn’t understand why emails are appearing in Junk in case of outlook/Hotmail.

It’s one of the downside of being part of emailsystem: you can act only on your side, not on all the others.
How many time is changed your MX record?

Two times changed the MX record, once we adopted 1und1 and second we switch to our own dedicated server (Nethserevr.)

My bad, i wrote the wrong way what i was asking.
I would like to know how long has been the MX record changed?
Also: did you asked on your ISP the reverse pointer?

5 days ago I changed the MX record, and the reverse pointer point to the right IP address.

I can only suggest you to be patient for at least 7-10 more days.
And if you have an “microsoft based” email address to send a message to it and make it mark as “not spam”.
An Italian provider marked as spam every message an installation sent only due to http link into signature.

Perfect!! I can wait 3-4 more days and letsee what will happen?
Anyway thank you guys for your active support…

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I wrote 7-10. Maybe something can change, maybe nothing.
If all other recipients do not show any issue, due-diligence and correct configuration has been done. Therefore… As sometimes happens, not NethServer fault.